Pokemon Community Game Download

Discover the excitement of the Pokemon Community Game Download, a standout Twitch extension that adds a unique twist to the Pokemon universe. Dive into the world of collecting, trading, and battling with Pokemon, all while engaging with the Twitch Chat community. Here’s everything you need to know about this thrilling extension!

Commands for the Pokemon Community Game

To kick off your Pokemon adventure, utilize Twitch Chat and enter commands to interact with the game. Some essential commands include:

1. !Pokestart

  • Begin your journey by typing this command in any chat with the extension enabled.

2. !Pokecatch

  • Catch Pokemon using this command, optionally specifying the type of Pokeball (e.g., “!Pokecatch Ultra Ball”).

3. !Pokeshop

  • Purchase items like Pokeballs and Potions from the Pokeshop using this command and earn Poke Dollars by actively participating in streams.

4. Pokedex Commands

  • Explore Pokedex information with commands like !Pokepass, !Pokecheck [Pokemon], and !Pokedex.

The Pokemon Community Game Pokedex

Dive into a Pokedex featuring a whopping 898 Pokemon, with 734 spawnable in the regular game. The remaining 164 include starters, mythicals, and legendaries obtainable through missions, tournaments, or Pokedaily rewards.

Shiny Pokemon Chance (~1/1250)

Enjoy the thrill of encountering shiny Pokemon with a rumored chance of 1 in 1250. Boost your odds with Cherish Balls, available in three tiers, and aim for shinies as rewards in tournaments.

Pokeballs for Catching Excitement

Explore a variety of Pokeballs to enhance your catching experience. From standard ones like Pokeball, Great Ball, and Ultra Ball to specialized ones like Feather or Heavy Balls, each offers unique advantages. Premier balls come free with purchases of 10 or more balls.

Battle with Viewers and Compete for Rewards

Engage in thrilling battles with both ranked and unranked modes. To enter ranked battles, ensure you have at least one Pokemon with 500 or higher base stats. Earn experience and Pokedollars through battles, allowing your Pokemon to grow stronger.

Battle System Tips:

  • Level 50 scaling during battles.
  • Experience and gold rewards for defeating opponents.
  • No switch moves currently available.
  • IVs and Nature of Pokemon impact battle stats.

Ready to Play? Download for Free!

Step 1: Download

  • Access the Pokemon Community Game by downloading it for free.

Step 2: Install

  • Install the game on your PC or mobile device.

Step 3: Play

  • Launch the game and embark on your Pokemon journey.

Unleash the fun of the Pokemon Community Game and become a Pokemon master in the world of Twitch streaming. Download for free and join the Pokemon community today!

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