Minecraft 1.20 21 APK Download

Minecraft enthusiasts, The developers have treated Android users with a sneak peek into the future with the release of the test version, Minecraft 1.20 21 APK Download. This update brings exciting changes, removes experimental features, and addresses pesky bugs. Let’s delve into the details of what this update has in store for the Minecraft community.

Breaking News: Farewell to Experimental Features

In a significant shift, the experimental features no longer require a toggle. The developers have removed the “Next Major Update” toggle, making all experimental content readily available in the game by default. This simplification aims to enhance the user experience and streamline access to exciting new elements.

Noteworthy Changes: Enhancing Gameplay

The Minecraft PE update introduces several changes aimed at enriching the gaming experience:

  1. Creative Inventory Tab Names Voiced:
    • Now, navigating the Creative Inventory is not only visual but auditory, with voiced tab names adding an immersive touch.
  2. Enhanced Sign Functionality:
    • Hanging signs can now be attached to each other without the need for sneaking, offering more flexibility in creating in-game signage.
  3. Acoustic Sensor Innovations:
    • A new block, the Calibrated Acoustic Sensor, takes center stage with enhanced capabilities.
    • Activation now affects the block below, reducing recharge time to a speedy 1 second.
    • Detection range expanded to 16 blocks, doubling the previous limit.
  4. Vibration Levels Overhauled:
    • The Calibrated Acoustic Sensor now categorizes vibrations into 15 levels, each associated with specific in-game actions.
    • From movement to mob actions, players can now fine-tune their sensory experience.

Bug Squashing: Resolving Glitches for a Smoother Gameplay

The developers haven’t just added features; they’ve been hard at work fixing bugs. Some notable bug fixes include:

  • Correcting suspicious sand and gravel sounds during cleaning.
  • Improving the appearance of Decorated Pots and adjusting their hitboxes.
  • Preventing fall damage accumulation when landing on a Bubble Column from Soul Sand.

Minecraft Live 2023: Crab Edition

Exciting news for Minecraft enthusiasts extends beyond the update. Get ready for Minecraft Live 2023, featuring the Crab Edition. Dive into this virtual extravaganza, where players can download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android, complete with a working Xbox Live. Explore new territories, strive for unique artifacts, and personalize your shields in this immersive update.

New Options Unveiled: Trails and Tales Delights

The Trails and Tales update in Minecraft PE introduces unique options, enhancing the virtual experience for players. Some of the notable additions include:

  • Archaeology Items:
    • Discover pottery shards during archaeological excavations in deserts.
    • New structures, Trail Ruins, provide additional opportunities for treasure hunting.
    • Enchantable brushes with curse effects for added functionality.
  • Improved Shields:
    • Borrowed from the Java edition, players can now customize shields with new patterns.
    • Aesthetic enhancements that add a layer of personalization to the gameplay.

How to Get Minecraft PE Trails and Tales

For Android users eager to dive into this Minecraft adventure, download the update via the official channels:

  • Name: Minecraft Bedrock
  • Version:
  • OS: Android
  • Producer: Microsoft
  • Author: Mojang
  • License: Free
  • Xbox Live: Yes
  • Size: 161 MB


The Minecraft PE update brings a fusion of innovation and bug fixes to the Android gaming community. From revamped acoustic sensors to personalized shields, the Trails and Tales update promises an enriched Minecraft experience. So, gear up, download the update, and embark on new adventures in the vast and blocky world of Minecraft.

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