How to Breed Spurrit

When it’s not excitedly joining in on an island’s song, the Spurrit can be observed fastidiously scribbling in journals, carrying out bold (and sometimes inadvisable) science experiments, and generally marveling at the world around it. The secret to its tireless joie de vivre? Maintaining uninterrupted access to the waters of the living ocean, which it slurps down with a self-satisfied, if perplexing, gulp.

Background and Release: Spurrit is a Seasonal Monster that celebrates the Perplexplore season and is found on Fire Oasis. It was added alongside Epic Rootitoot on May 25th, 2022, during Version 3.5.0. As a Seasonal Monster, it is only available at certain times. It is best obtained by breeding Wynq and Maw. By default, its breeding time is 20 hours and 18 minutes. Spurrit has a high coin production compared to other Monsters on Fire Oasis.

Breeding Strategies: How to Breed Spurrit

Spurrit can either be teleported to Seasonal Shanty once fed to level 15 or bred with Blabbit and Hoola. Spurrit has a decent coin production and high maximum income compared to other Monsters.

How to Breed Spurrit

Breeding Process

  • Fire Oasis: Wynq Portrait + Maw Portrait (Wynq Water Element/Cold Element/Fire Element and Maw Water Element/Cold Element)
  • Seasonal Shanty: Blabbit Portrait + Hoola Portrait (Blabbit Eggy Element and Hoola Summer Element)
  • Note that breeding Seasonal Monsters is not 100% guaranteed to get you the Monster. You might have to try multiple times.


For a list of when this monster has been available, see: Breeding Availability. Spurrit, like all Seasonals, is only available during its own season, a weekend Out-of-Season event (6 months apart), and the Anniversary Month Celebration. It is also available to breed at any time on Seasonal Shanty.

Likes and Dislikes: Every Monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that’s placed near the Monster, the Monster’s happiness will increase by 25%.

Spurrit’s Likes:

  1. Kayna (requires level 9) (Fire Oasis)
  2. Perplexplore Path (level 18) (Seasonal Shanty)
  3. Spurrit Statue (level 15)
  4. Travelers’ Sign (level 7)
  5. Zuffle Tree (level 20) (Mystery Like)

Monsters Who Like It: The following Monster(s) will increase their happiness by 25% when being placed near Spurrit or when Spurrit and a Unity Tree are on the Island. These may or may not also be Spurrit’s likes as well:

  • Rare Spurrit


Earning Rate and Maximum Income are crucial factors to consider when dealing with Spurrit. Understanding the statistics can help optimize your island for maximum efficiency.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income Table

LevelPer Minute CoinsMaximum Coins
0% Happiness25% Happiness50% Happiness
… (continues)

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster’s level increases the coins earned per minute, as well as the maximum coins earned. Refer to the Feeding article for more detailed information.


Spurrit is a unique and elusive Seasonal Monster that adds charm to your Monster World. From its mysterious breeding combinations to its likes and dislikes, understanding Spurrit is key to maximizing its potential on your island

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